About Us

Manager’s Message

Guidance and assistance in understanding the creativity, scientific and managerial skills of Bachelor Level graduates. This college is a forward looking modern college with good reputation for the excellence of its  innovative teaching methodologies and research based doctrine. our collective input is integral to my belief that  this is our college and we all can learn best to our potentials. We now live in an era where time seems  to race on and leave us all breathless just trying to catch up with everyday chores, coping  with life and it’s challenges can be rather stressful at time.

               Well it is now time to do something for yourself, Let us give you the tools to manage ypur challenges and the stresses of everyday living. How do we do this? We have an offer many courses to keep the mind and the body in tune. Leave your woes behind and join a courses conducted by our college and make new friends while you learn a new and exciting skill. From a group of family / friends and enroll together into a courses. What a great way to enjoy an outing and to gain a new skill at the same time.


Vision & Mission


Our Vision

                    The College Of education has very good vision for all the student, it emphasis on all development o a student personality. The vision, is bright future of the young students and the mission is to provide quality education  to the student to improve their best teaching with the student for future building and as such the college management is committed to the educational  values in particular and human values in general.

College will be an innovative provider of quality life long learning experiences for all members of the community.

To develop individuals who will undertake the search for new knowledge and its application to Indian realities.

Enriching lives and fulfilling dreams by preparing students to pursur and achieve career success.

Valuing our students, employees and partners by acting with respect, integrity and openness.

Our Mission

To shape the bright future of students.

To educate the down rodent sections of the society, women empowerment.

To encourage research in education.

The college addressed for the need of the society for the teacher all the educational need of the future teachers are addressed by the institution.

To provide educational facilities without charging donation and heavy feeses.